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Dynamite comes in small packages

By Nancy Caress

Jessica Hoffman is such an inspiration!! Knowing where she started and seeing where she has taken RKB, I am in awe. When you first take her class, you might think it will be no big deal.....that is until you can't breath and the sweat in your eyes is blinding you. She will work you into the ground with a big smile on her face. Her classes will kick your butt, and you will love it.

Push and Push!

By Fred Payne

In the times I've take classes with Jessica I have been able to push and push to finish better and better every single time. Jessica has a way in her class to make the time working out fly by without having to look up at the clock and wish the time was moving faster. My movements have improved some how when she helps correct me I understand and able to change what I need to do! 

Hooked on Kettlebells Thanks Jessica

By John H

Jessica got me started on my journey back to fitness. She had a tough job; I was overweight, out of shape and had very little flexibility. She patiently taught me the correct form for the basis kettle bell moves and gave me the encouragement and confidence to join group classes. Jessica's identified flaws in my form and explain what she was looking for in ways that made sense to me. Jessica's group classes' challenge you to push yourself to new heights no matter what your fitness level and leave you totally exhausted. She's very encouraging. Working with Jessica has been a great experience. Thank You.  


By Taylor Sadler

Jessica was my instructor for my intro class. She is sooooo nice and truly a great person and trainer. She is always willing to help me through any moves I have problems with. She can keep you going even when you want to stop and when she is my instructor, I always know I'll be on my way to better health 

A Killer Workout!

By Barbara Sanborn

Be prepared for a hard, breathless workout. Jessica might be small and cute but she really knows how to make you work like you have never worked out before. She is very motivating and keeps smiling at you when you think you are going to pass out!!! 

Impressive Powerhouse

Jennifer Garay

Jessica is a intense powerhouse, her personal training sessions deliver many needed results women are seeking. She is an expert at targeting what you need to transform your body while increasing strength. Jessica is an admirable trainer, mother of four and dedicated to her personal goals that inspire all clients at firebellz. She has exquisite qualities as a trainer that make her a cut above the rest. I have enjoyed training with her and am thankful she inspired me to change my workouts and become a regular at firebellz. She is spectacular in training classes and understands the challenges of rebuilding your body after having children. She is the perfect trainer for all mothers out there who need to get fit! Her sessions will give you outstanding results and you will gain so much more. 

Terrific Instructor

By Linda Ehart

Jessica is very observant and provides clear instructions and feedback. I need lots of feedback because when I tire, my form deteriorates. Jessica allowed me to do what I could and gave quick feedback when I needed it.Thanks for your guidance and instructions! I got much stronger and feel better. The beautiful strength program class size was perfect and I improved over the course of the program. I'll return after the summer.